Friday, September 4, 2009

Bad News

The last time I contributed to this blog, I felt pretty good. I was convinced I’d be able to start writing regularly, creating needed chapters for my two in-the-works books and writing pages I want to leave for my grandson and granddaughter.

Too bad. I can barely write at all.

For about 35 years before I grew sick, I spent basically every day writing. After a history as a newspaper reporter and editor and a long time as a magazine editor, I found an opportunity to write at home. I worked mornings creating marketing copy for one of the nation’s champion direct mail companies. Every afternoon, after a rest, I’d turn my full attention to working on one of the non-fiction books I found attractive. I’ve written without anything like breaks longer than just a few days. I produced thousands of words of direct marketing copy ever day along with at least one thousand words for whatever book I was working on.

No more.

This blog copy has already taken four days. I’m not going to give up. I try to work on my books. I plan to add to my blog at least every two weeks. Wish me luck.


Daria said...

Wishing you all the best. I look forward to reading your posts.

karen said...

best wishes to you, I hope you find the strength you need to continue your writing, as it's obviously a great pleasure for you. It also gives so much to others.
Karen in Ottawa Canada

Wild About Words said...

Hang in there, Kieran. I look forward to reading your blog posts . . . whenever you have the energy to write them.

PATRICIA said...

I have read your blogs, partly to keep up with you and the family. I know it is difficult to answer personal e-mail, too. May your desire to write give you the strength to continue with your work and may that help ease the physical as well as the emotional pain you have been experiencing lately. My heart goes out to you. I hold in my memory, happy images of the young and healthy Kieran, on Clearwater Beach or pushing Ray's Jag in Big Spring! I know you remember me that way too.
As always,

Sylvia said...

I'm delighted that you and your oldest son got to meet again. Reconciling with your sons is what you have hoped for and longed for through all the years I've known you.

I'm so very glad for the second chances we get in our lives.

Take care, friend. I'm wishing you lots of renewed energy to work on your memoir.